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COVID Parthanon – RT1 Guilford

Abandoned FB for a medium that is not ‘listening’ quite as much.

I remember the early days of the internet. You needed to be smart to use it; a marvelous filtering system. There were all the same problems but it was not being bought and sold. A human possessing insights and raw intelligence were like cowboys with a faster more accurate draw in the wild west. Now it’s all shooting Nerf at bulletproof robotic combines trying to sell you plastic shit with the word EPIC stamped on them. Every old man tells you about what WAS better and then admits that every old man does the same. What youth is capable of, old age knows how to do well.

I will see how this goes, but I’m still having trouble learning because I stepped away from tech for a while. Luddite phase. Someone told me this runs out of Iceland where all the liberals vacation to photograph the icebergs vanishing and go ‘tsk tsk’ instead of using their travel money to invest in solar. I think they are aware of the irony, but can ignore any inconvenience, even the ones in direct conflict with their preaching.

A larger awareness can better sense what it is among. Ants on a skyscraper. My dog is sick, my father is sick, my daughter is not doing well, the firewood needs to be stacked before the rain, my friends seem to be in bunkers or kicking on bunker doors from the outside. I miss my problems being my problems. I suppose that is my problem. Only child syndrome and unsure of what I am among.

I do like this platform so far tho… off to stack cordwood.


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