On being in the woods with children using computers.

Note the unscathed soccer ball.

I do not advise it. They are at the mercy of very stupid people pushing agendas, belief systems, lifestyle “norms”, or just plain old jackass bullies. Then we get told ‘This is schooling now too.’ Yeeeeeah. Simultaneously I have to wonder if 6 months of isolation in my era would have gone over very well. I mean, I had two TV stations out of Montreal (they alternated between French and English), maybe four or five video games for the original Nintendo, about twenty VHS movies, a pile of Mad Magazines and a few books. That would have lasted about three months at best. We were dependent on other kids for entertainment. At least my kids can dive into Roblox land and pretend they are friends with complete strangers in virtual worlds and stuff? Ugh.


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